Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Microsoft goes to open source....Well, not much

A very strange title i believe :D. Microsoft and Open source don't go well beside each other so i have separated them with "goes to".

Strange!! but now you can have the source code for many things you couldn't even dream of like the CLI and device emulator(for mobile applications).

Anyway, Microsoft has created a Shared source licence that enables you to view the source but without changing it. If you haven't heard of Shared source licencing program then you might not believe that now you can see the source code for CLI or device emulator (for mobile applications).

See this :

Download the source code for the CLI 2.0 :

and download the source code for the Device Emulator from here :

also check this video to know how the device emulator works:

Thinking out of the box!!!!!!!

It's long time since i have written anything to the blog. Well..... Ok i haven't written anything yet but it's ok.

Anyway, did anyone ever wondered what does it mean to think out of the box?? I did. Check this to find out.:D.

and here are some excercises. enjoy them:

see you later.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ready, Steady, Go

And finally my blog is here. My name is Shereef Sakr. I am an egyptian computer science student. I hope to share my thoughts with you.